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    How to game Dates


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    How to game Dates

    Post by Llad72 on 23rd March 2017, 11:58 am

    02:00 PM Arsenal FC / Dealta vs Athletic Bilbao / Llad72 Emirates Stadium

    Ok Look at the Above game, it tells you the time, the clubs involved the stadium they use but what we want is the Date.

    The date is a " Game Date "

    How do I see it. is who host our League and they place "Game Dates" next to specific Games, Click on the link Above that Says .

    It will take you to the League Home, Look in the red "Tool Bar" , Look for "Match Groups " place your mouse over it and choose The League you want.

    Click on it.

    It will now take you to the page you chose.

    It will tell you the Season & the Match Group you are in.

    If you don't see your game date as it shows all the dates for the Specific League you are in then look for this.


    That is right there on a Grey Tool Bar, Click on " Standings "

    You will  now see the League Table look for your club and Click on them that will take you to your Club's Home Page.

    Once you are there you will see your logo, your Name and Every Single game that you play, look for the one you want and the date next to it is the "Game Date" you want.

      Current date/time is 22nd September 2017, 11:47 pm